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Psilocybin macrodose capsules
450mg psilocybin per capsule
12 vegan, gluten-free capsules

Quality, organic magic mushroom capsules from Spore Wellness. With 450mg of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms per capsule, a single capsule dose can help improve mood, reduce anxiety plus help improve motivation and positivity.

Important: These are not microdoses.

Reset was designed to provide an alternative to eating dried magic mushrooms. Some find the flavour of dried shrooms unpleasant. Reset makes it easier to dose psilocybin mushrooms precisely and comes with added ginger to sooth stomachs. A small dose will be stronger than a microdose but won’t likely result in hallucinations. A strong dose may produce strong visual and auditory hallucinations.

Strong doses are not recommended for first time users.

Check out our fun mushroom dosage chart.

Recommended Use: 1-6 capsules.

  • Relax: 1 capsule – Small dose
  • Renew: 3 capsules – Moderate dose
  • Reset: 6 capsules – Strong dose


  • Golden Teacher (psilocybe cubensis) – 450 mg
  • Organic Ginger – 50 mg


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