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Hot Chocolate Bomb 1.5g | Magic Social Club
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Hot Chocolate Bomb 1.5g | Magic Social Club



1.5 grams psilocybin | 1 bomb per pack

Magic Social Club makes taking shrooms so much fun! Every try mushroom hot chocolate? Just drop one of these bombs in a big cup of your hot fluid of choice and watch it dissolve bath-bomb-styles into a delicious “magic” hot chocolate. Yum!

At 1.5g per serving, this hot chocolate bomb would be a fairly strong dose for newbies, and perhaps a medium dose for those with more experience and tolerance.

Drop the hot chocolate bomb into a large cup of hot fluid, allow it to fully dissolve, stir and drink.

1.5g Psilocybin

Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate), sunflower, lecithin, vanilla, marshmallows

**May contain traces of nuts and/or dairy


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