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Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are a novel way to consume psilocybin mushrooms. These gummies are made by infusing a sweet and chewy candy base with psilocybin extract, which is known for its ability to provide therapeutic benefits and induce altered states of consciousness.

How are they made?

To make mushroom gummies, psilocybin is first extracted from mushrooms using a solvent such as ethanol or water. The extract is then purified and infused into a gummy candy base made from gelatin, sugar, and flavorings. The result is a delicious and easy-to-dose candy that contains a precise amount of psilocybin.

The Benefits

Mushroom gummies offer several advantages over other forms of psilocybin consumption. For one, they provide a convenient and discreet way to consume psilocybin. Unlike dried mushrooms, which can be difficult to dose accurately and may have an unpleasant taste, gummies are easy to dose and have a pleasant flavor. This makes them a great option for beginners or those who prefer a more controlled and predictable experience.

Another advantage of mushroom gummies is that they can offer a more gradual onset of effects compared to other forms of psilocybin. Because the psilocybin is absorbed through the digestive system, the effects may take longer to set in but can also last longer and be more gradual. This can be a good option for those who are sensitive to the intense and rapid onset of effects that can occur with other forms of psilocybin.

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing mushroom gummies, it is important to choose a reputable supplier who uses high-quality ingredients and follows strict manufacturing standards. Look for gummies that are made with pure psilocybin extract and do not contain any additives or fillers that could affect the potency or safety of the product. It is also recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed to find the right level of effects.

It is crucial to consider the legal status of mushroom gummies in your area before purchasing or consuming them. While psilocybin mushrooms are classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States, some states and cities have decriminalized or legalized psilocybin for medical or therapeutic use. Always check the laws in your area before buying or using psilocybin products to avoid any legal issues.


In conclusion, mushroom gummies are a convenient and tasty way to consume psilocybin mushrooms. They are easy to dose, have a pleasant taste, and can offer a more gradual onset of effects. When purchasing mushroom gummies, make sure to choose a reputable supplier and check the legal status of psilocybin in your area. With proper use and caution, mushroom gummies can be a helpful tool for personal growth, spiritual exploration, and therapeutic healing.

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