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1st shroom trip article cover image. An overlay of psychadelic art over drawing of man's face with mushroom

First shroom trip? A few do’s and don’ts to enjoy the best trip

Are you considering a shroom, but unsure how to go about it? Could shrooms be dangerous? How can you have the best trip possible? Are there ways to prepare for a trip to make sure it’s safe and enjoyable? We have the answers to those and other questions right here. Before you trip, check yourRead More

visualizes various psilocibin strains

Psilocibin: 15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know

Everyone knows psilocibin is a great way to get introduced to the magic of psychadelics, but is there more to psilocibin than just a trip? We all know these magic fungi can have you tumbling through the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland, but there are 15 other amazing reasons why you should get toRead More

Psilocybe guide article cover image depicting mushroom growing among mosses

Psilocybe: The facts you should know about this fantastic fungus!

Psilocybe, for the uninitiated, is a brown-capped mushroom that can send you off on an amazing psychedelic trip. Also called magic mushrooms, shrooms, golden tops, cubes, or golden caps, Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms get their magic from two active compounds: psilocybin and psilocin. Both of these are psychoactive and hallucinogenic. Here we present you with someRead More

Magic Mushrooms: A Quick Guide

What Are Magic Mushrooms? What’s Psilocybin? New to mushrooms? Well here’s a quick magic mushrooms guide to get you started. Humans have been using magic mushrooms since time immemorial. According to archeologists, the use of magic mushrooms predates modern recorded history. Be it Siberia, Central America, Africa or Australia, native peoples from around the worldRead More

visualize multiple magic mushroom strains over colored background

The World’s 10 Favorite Strains of Psilocybe Mushrooms!

People have been taking shrooms and expanding their minds the world over for centuries. Most shroom-lovers see psilocybin as a guaranteed giggle-fest, but did you know just how many species of psilocybe there truly are? Wait, how many psilocybe strains are there? Psilocybe mushrooms… they’re magnificent and also surprisingly multifaceted!—Genealogically speaking of course! Many peopleRead More

analogizes the question of magic mushrooms dosage with background image of psilocybin cubensis and a foreground of text and icons

This Mushroom Dosage Chart Can Help You Create Your Ideal Experience

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try mushrooms for the first time—Congratulations! But, are you sure you know how much you want to take? Whether you want to start with a sensible dose and avoid a potential bad trip, or want to flip reality on its head and take your mushroom trip toRead More

visualizes chemical structure of psilocybin

Psilocybin. What Is It? The Complete Beginner’s Guide

We’ve all heard the term ‘magic mushrooms’ – unless perhaps you’ve been living under a rock. Even then, once you poke your head out from that rock, you’ll find a mushroom growing nearby. That’s because fungi are found everywhere on earth and play a key role in decomposition – one of the most important processesRead More

microdosing magic mushrooms article cover image depicting psychedelically colored capsule and question mark

Microdosing: All About This New Mental Wellness Trend

Microdosing shrooms—it’s become a hot topic of late. That’s, at least in part, because Silicon Valley execs have popularized the practice of microdosing psychadelics. This killer “productivity hack” roughly follows the protocols laid out by psychadelices researcher James Fadiman, but most evidence about the benefits people experience is anecdotal. For scientists, conducting research on theRead More