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Analogizes 5 reasons to take magic mushrooms in Canada

5 Awesome Reasons to Try Magic Mushrooms in Canada

suggests positive relationship between nature and psilocybin useThere are so many reasons people want to do shrooms, maybe you just want to watch Alice in Wonderland high, or maybe you’re going to a festival and want to add shrooms to the experience. You might even want to get super, duper chill in a sensory deprivation tank to undertake a mental journey. The possibilities are endless, but here are 5 of the top reasons people want to try magic mushrooms in Canada.

 1. Connecting with glorious, glorious nature!

If you live in Canada, you’re well aware of the natural beauty of our country. We’re lucky to have such a gorgeous and varied landscape, with majestic mountains, endless plains, lush forests, and beautiful blue rivers and lakes. With so much pristine wilderness, it’s relatively easy to escape from the city bustle and find serenity—the perfect setting for a mushroom trip. It’s absolutely the right call given that “nature time” is known to bestow a ton of health benefits. In fact, time outside boosts immune systems, lowers blood pressure, and even accelerates recovery from surgery. Research shows being in nature reduces anxiety and rumination, increases energy levels, and even has cognitive benefits! 

When it comes to enjoying a magic mushrooms trip in Canada, nature makes one of the very best settings. Many people report experiencing a sense of deep connection with nature, as well as fuller appreciation and greater fascination with the natural world. If you take a higher dose, the visual hallucinations experienced in nature can be stimulating and enjoyable. Objects seem to breathe and dance, colors become more vibrant and captivating. Natural textures provide a vivid palette and a wonderful array of textures that

visualize a top 5 place to do magic mushrooms in Canada
Immersing yourself in natural beauty makes a mushroom trip so much better!

can ignite your visual experience. You may also find yourself developing a perspective of innocence, fascination and curiosity—as well as frequent giggles!  

Remember to be extra safe if you plan on doing mushrooms in a remote place, especially if you’ll be near cliffs, rivers or other potential hazards. Plan ahead and bring a friend – preferably one who stays sober.

 2. Magic mushrooms in Canada for healing yourself and your relationships.

Psilocybin has been used for healing practices for millennia, and modern science is only just catching up. To be fair, research was going strong in the 50s and 60s, but the “War on Drugs” put an end of that. Throughout history, people have reported that they experience fundamental shifts in their perspective and long-lasting improvements to their mental health after experiencing mushrooms. This is because psilocybin induces a sense of euphoria, peacefulness, and an escape from the mind’s continuous negative narratives (a regular occurrence for some). For many, this feeling of happiness and peace is a reminder that these feelings exist and are possible. When you’ve been battling anxiety and depression for a long time, you can forget what these emotions feel like, and this reminder can help propel your journey of self-healing.

Psilocybin also produces greater empathy for yourself and those around you. Taking magic mushrooms in Canada with close friends or partners can be a therapeutic and profoundly connecting experience, often allowing communication in a loving and non-defensive way. The feelings of optimism and oneness can give you a shift in perspective that long outlasts the mushroom trip. If this sounds interesting to you, you may want to explore finding a natural healer with experience guiding people through this kind of mushroom therapy.

3. Enjoying magic mushrooms in Canada for fun!

With all the stresses, anxieties and pressures we face, it’s important that we give ourselves a break—times where we can feel free to enjoy the moment. A care-free mushroom trip with good friends can be an absolute blast. The silly feelings induced by mushrooms can result in some hilarious laughing fits, spontaneous dance parties and wonderful new conversations. Festivals are a classic venue for people to do magic mushrooms in Canada. There’s a very good reason for that—it’s a great time! If you’re a total newbie to the shrooms experience, just remember that you should feel safe and happy before you take magic mushrooms. Strange people and environments can be harder to negotiate on a big dose, and it can become stressful if you aren’t experienced.

4. Experiencing Spirituality.

You might be thinking, “define spirituality.” This kind of experience is hard to define as spirituality is very personal. Taking magic mushrooms in Canada won’t turn you into Buddha, but they may help focus your awareness on the present moment and separate you from your ego. This altered state of mind often opens people to deep epiphanies and realizations, as well as feelings of deeper insight and understanding.

For some, “spirituality” just sounds like mumbo-jumbo. But for anyone curious about experiencing this “spiritual” state of mind, shrooms are a practical way to experience a change in perspective without the need for organized religion or… crystals purchased from the natural wellness store.

At higher doses, many people experience what is termed “ego-death.” Your ego is your conditioned mind; what we consider our ‘self,’ our personality, desires, fears, etc. Mushrooms can (temporarily) dissolve the ego, creating a sense of merging with pure consciousness or connecting with the ‘divine’ or ‘God,’ depending on your beliefs.

For many, these experiences can be very healing. Being aware of yourself while detached from emotion, rather than subject to emotion, allows one to think clearly and better analyze and understand one’s situation. Realizing that you are separate from your visualizes psilocybin microdose capsules, used for microdosing magic mushrooms in Canadaego can be liberating. You become more able to view yourself objectively as the sense of subjectivity subsides. The voices of anxiety, negative self-talk, and limiting self-beliefs in your mind go quiet. All that can be heard is deliberate thought. Silence prevails. This kind of clarity and objectivity can work wonders. Emotional issues are understood and ideas for dealing with them realized. Thought patterns and habits can be deprogrammed.

Despite all this, psilocybin shouldn’t be mistaken for a spiritual shortcut. As Roland Griffiths, a researcher of psilocybin from John Hopkins University puts it: “There’s all the difference in the world between a spiritual experience and a spiritual life.”

5. Microdosing Magic Mushrooms in Canada for enhanced clarity, creativity.

The practice of microdosing magic mushrooms in Canada is a trend quickly catching fire. Especially among professionals involved in highly cerebral or creative work. Even in small doses of 10-100mg, shrooms can help quiet the mind, increase focus and free-association, as well as provide a caffeine-like energy boost. For scientists searching for breakthroughs in complicated theories, artists searching for their next inspiration, or even CEO’s looking to boost their insight and lucidity, microdosing has proven highly beneficial. In this slightly altered state of augmented awareness, a higher level of acuity, innovation and productivity is possible.

There you have it! The most popular reasons to do shrooms! Which of the reasons above will it be for you? Or have you something more original in mind? Whatever you decide, make sure to do your shrooms somewhere you feel safe and positive, are surrounded by people you like, and have a plan in case someone has a bad trip or gets hurt. Be safe! If you’ve taken the right safety precautions you’ll be free to enjoy yourself knowing you’re prepared!


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